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  Marisa Martinez Jewelry
Jewelry and art are rich in symbolism and tell a story that reflects your inner beauty. It can be a source of hope, a reminder or make a promise.

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Marisa Martinez - Custom Jewelry

Custom Pieces

Marisa especially loves to work with her clients to create handcrafted designs for special occasions, events, and milestones in their lives. Her range of abilities and knowledge of composition and designs lends her to create beautiful pieces of art for the wearer to treasure for a lifetime. To set up your personal design consultation email or call her at: | 651.295.0725

Marisa Martinez - Papel Picado

Papel Picado

This series was inspired by a tradition in Marisa's culture that has deep roots. It is a treasured folk art from Mexico called Papel Picado (cut paper) that often involves intricate designs being transferred to tissue paper or other surfaces and then cut, or punched out with special tools by artisans. These are then turned into banners or flags and used to decorate on special celebrations such as weddings, life celebrations, and holidays. This series is a new representation of this folk art which is hand pierced with a jewelers saw into metal and transformed into a wearable art.

Marisa Martinez - Custom Spinners

Custom Spinners

These Rings make the perfect gift for yourself or that special mother in your life. They are forged in sterling silver and can include names, a favorite quote, and birthstones. Choose up to three outside spinner bangs in silver, gold, copper, rose gold, or green gold.

A Mother’s Love...

The perfect reminder of a mother’s unconditional love. It includes three diamonds that represent infinity, set in sterlings silver and two thin 18k gold spinner bands that spin on a Sterling Silver base band.

Marisa Martinez - Enchantment Series

Enchantment Series

The Enchanted Series was inspired by the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains In New Mexico. On a trip there recently Marisa was enchanted by the beauty and history of this special place. New Mexico is known as the land of Enchantment or as the locals say "ENTRAPMENT" Once you spend time there you never want to leave. Having experienced this herself, she wanted to capture a piece of this magical place in this series.

These pieces are composed of copper and fine silver. I have used a technique I call "painting" on the metal with melted silver solder onto the copper to recreate the effect of an optical phenomenon in which a horizontal red glowing band is observed on the horizon opposite to the sun.

Marisa Martinez - Milagros (Charms)


This is a collection of silver charms based on the relic milagro charms found in Mexico and other South American countries. Marisa uses many milagros from her personal collection of these tiny treasures to create molds and then cast them in silver, gold, and other metals to use in her designs. This series also includes her hand carved contemporary milagro designs bringing the old traditions of her culture into the present. These are often patina’d to give them that antuque feel and quality. Marisa has also created many custom Milagros as talisman’s for her clients. Please contact her for more information if you are interested in this.

The Blessing

The blessing. As a part of a religious ritual or act of devotion, Milagros have been left in churches as prayers in healing, offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioners need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered. Modernly they are carried for protection, luck, and to represent wishes. Milagros are a part of the magical and symbolic past common to all cultures which continues to influence our lives today.

Marisa Martinez - Guardian Series

Guardian Series

Many cultures around the world believe in the healing power and protective attributes of natural stones. This series is a reflection of that belief. Marisa especially loves working with turquoise. This stone, most prevalently found in the southwest and Mexico is also found in other parts of the world such as Africa and Persia. Turquoise embodies energy that helps protect one from negative energy and gives the wearer feelings of love and connectedness with those around them. These pieces are handcrafted with sterling silver, copper, or bronze metals, natural semi-precious stones. Often Marisa will include secret inscriptions of hope or personalized messages for the wearer. Many of the pieces in this collection are limited editions or one of a kind designs.

“The ones with the black lines in them are called Navajo turquoise and helps you to stay in a place of love and connectedness with others. By doing this it can make you feel at "home" no matter where you are. It is a combination of turquoise and sard (sard being the lines). turquoise by itself keeps one in the feeling of unconditional love and connection to all that is while sard by itself keeps one in the state of emotional attachments to family, home, their roots (the good memories of childhood) it also assist in digestion of proteins both animal and vegetable.”
~forum post from whitehorse woman

Marisa Martinez - Flamework


This series captures the magic of glass rods being transformed into small beautiful sculpturesque beads. The beads are created using a propane/oxygyn torch flame and soft glass from Italy. The craft of making glass beads goes back thousands of years. Started by the Egyptians and later perfected by the Italians, the art of glass forming and blowing has spread around the world. Marisa creates unique collages of personal adornment using these beautiful handmade treasures along with semi-precious stones, sterling silver, copper, and bronze metals. Often she will also include one of her special milagro charms to finish off the design.

As the use of the blowpipe spread, older techniques like core-forming gradually disappeared. Glass beads were still made in the old way, but they paled in importance to the intricate and beautiful designs that could be blown on a pipe. Glassblowing enabled artisans to create entirely new objects of a wide variety of functions. Glassblowing dominated glass-forming technique for the next thousand years, during which the Italians achieved the highest level of technical achievement in the world. The Italians, who by 1291 had been exiled to Murano because of the fire hazards associated with glassblowing, exported both their superior glass formulas and techniques to the rest of Europe. As Europe left the middle ages and entered the Renaissance, glassblowing had spread to every corner of the continent and across most of Asia.
~from The History of Lampworking by Robert A. Mickelsen

Marisa Martinez - Shrine


The Shrine/ Ofrendas Collection is made with found objects and many different forms of traditional mixed media. Each shrine starts with the idea of a specific milagro (miracle or a wish) and then built around that idea. Marisa builds these pieces organically from up-cycled materials one layer at a time. Her passion for her Mexican cultural heritage and background in fine arts have both greatly influenced this body of work. She has been exploring ways to elevate the fine craft of jewelry to create a bridge that can connect it to her passion for painting. These pieces are the exciting launch of this new journey in her work.

Historically Milagros have been used as a part of a religious ritual or act of devotion. They were left in churches as prayers for healing, offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioners need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered. modernly, they are carried for protection, luck, and to represent wishes. Milagros are a part of the magical and symbolic past common to all cultures which continues to influence our lives today. Ofrendas otherwise known as Altars or Shrines in Mexico and other parts of South America hold a very special place in my heart. Having been born a Mexican American on the day of the Patron saint of Mexico, the day of the Virgen of Guadalupe, Marisa has always been immersed in Catholism culturally. These Shrines are very rich in symbolism. They are not meant to be deemed religious though they are meant to evoke aspects of personal spirituality.

Marisa's hope is that you as the viewer interpret the symbols as they have meaning in your life.

Shrine Class

Schedule a class with Marisa and build your own shrine to honor a special, person, place or moment in your life. Email her at

Marisa Martinez - Limited Edition Jewelry

Limited Edition Jewelry

Marisa’s Limited Edition Jewelry include collections inspired by her artistic journey. These are pieces are a reflection of where she has been and where she is going. They are interpretations of the moments in her life that matter the most. Make sure to visit Marisa's blog to learn more about these pieces and her process.

Classes & Workshops

Select items from Marisa's jewerly collection are available online. Custom orders are welcome.

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